We’ll be back in September !!!

Dear readers, listeners and fellow bloggers:

Good morning to you all over the planet. Thank you very much for being so loyal to us and dutifully read and appreciate our writings these two months that we have been on vacation. We checked the stats almost daily and found out that we have new fans as far away as Lithuania, Japan, Canada, Argentina, etc. Merci beaucoup à tous nos nouveaux  lecteurs et nouvelles lectrices de la Belle France et bienvenu(e)s; nous aurons plus d’articles dans notre belle langue de Molière cette année en votre hônneur. Bises.

We are coming back with renewed energies and enthusiasm to research and produce meaningful articles on Wellness, Health Care Justice, Physician and Nurse Burn-Out and of course  Supernatural, Superstitions and She. “our new baby.” We are actively engaged with our Literary and Hollywood agents to not only produce a book deal with a major publisher but also a movie deal with a major Hollywood studio. As we have more details , we will readily let you know as YOU MADE THESE POSSIBLE. THANK YOU.

As you can see we are right now busily preparing all the boxes for our move tomorrow to our new apartment. All Alone. Because no woman wants to take care of us.

In order to console ourselves in our painful solitude we have been preparing hearty soups like this one with carrots, onions and cinnamon sticks.  As the old Castilian saying goes: “entre la sopa y el amor, la primera es la mejor.” (between soup and love, the first one is the best)

Thank you God Almighty for giving us health and strength to continue our writing and podcasting endeavors !

Until next time!

Hasta la próxima!

A bientôt!

Ci vediamo!

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

P.S. Our dear readers in Kenya were the very first ones to read this article when we put it up . Like the Kenyan marathon runners, you are always the very first at the finish line. And Mauritius is always the runner up with the lovely Sharvina.