Felices Pascuas

Queridos lectores/lectoras y colegas blogeros:

Buenas tardes y Felices Pascuas a todos nuestros lectores en Castellano, alli donde se encuentren. Vamos a pasar esta festividad solos en nuestra humilde y espartana celda monástica, rezando por la salvación del Mundo después de esta terrible pandemia y esperando la Resurrección de Jesucristo.

Para paliar nuestra soledad, la siempre amable Señora María de Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen se ha apiadado de nuestro sufrir y nos ha enviado estas dos magníficas bandejas de comida de primera.

Es una bandeja con arroz basmati y lentejas de base, con babaganoush, humus, rabanitos, falafel y medallones de cordero grillados, rociado con una salasita tahini y coroandos con queso feta.

Gracias a la generosidad de María y de toda la gente linda de su restorán, hoy tendremos un festín.

Muchísimas gracias y que Dios Todopoderosito bendiga a los miembros de Zuuk y sus familias.

Felices Pascuas para todos Ustedes!

Que les parece? Por favor dígannos.

No me dejen solo.

Thank you Zuuk Med Kitchen

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. During our long journey through the writing trails we have relied on the prompt delivery of a few selected vendors to keep us healthily fed and enthusiastic all along the way. One of the very best has been Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen, a small resto in the Brickell section of Miami that specializes in dishes based on the freshest vegetables and grilled meats. Here it is.

Due to the pandemic restrictions in force in Metro Dade County at the present time, there is only table service outside in the cozy terrace or pick-up and delivery. Here is the super-clean inside.

As you can see, all the personnel is duly masked and handles your orders with the utmost care.

Our latest take-out order was fixed by Ms. María, its lovely and proficient manager. Here she is.

Finally she gracefully, briefly lowered her mask so we could capture her bewitching smile. Guapa!

Note -The above pictures were provided by Wilson Araujo at Instagram wilsonaraujophoto.

When we opened the package at home, we had a great meal with some fortifying Beck’s beer. We especially like the bowl with basmatic turmeric rice ,veggies, grilled lamb and tzatziki sauce.

In their website, they claim that they prepare “fast causal food” but there is nothing casual about their respectful approach to modern healthy fare prepared under the strictest norms of hygiene.

Lately we ordered their new dish of gyro platter with plenty of veggies. Another success story.

We ordered it with extra meat and got some humongous milanese-slices of gyro meat. Fantastic.

We would like to thank Ms. Jess, at their corporate headquarters, for welcoming us in their shop.

Bon apétit!

Zuuk Mediterranean Kitchen

1250 South Miami Avenue, Suite 105

Miami, Fl 33130

Tel: (305)200-3145

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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